Commercial Collections

We have extensive experience in business to business collections and have the ability to help recover receivables that you may have given up on.

Medical Collections

Our experts are skilled at dealing with patients in a compassionate way. We understand the many situations and needs of your patients and have several types of payment plans to accommodate most people.

Consumer Collections

From unpaid home improvements to unpaid rent, we handle most types of business to consumer accounts.  We are well equipped to handle the resolution of any disputes and have many options to get consumers back on track.

Tax Collections

Tax authorities face the ongoing challenge of finding the time and resources to focus on delinquent tax payers. Keystone has the time and resources to do that for you. We locate employers and start wage garnishments on those who will not pay voluntarily.

Litigation Management

In many cases, voluntarily resolution and payment are not possible.  Keystone and our attorneys can handle the entire legal process for you from the initial filing of the law suit through to the execution of the judgment.

Landlord Tenant

Helping you with risk assessment and a better understanding of responsibility when it comes to your properties.

Zero costs unless we collect.

No upfront costs of any kind and no annual fees.  We only charge a commission when we attain results and secure payment for you.