Use this page to browse commonly asked questions.

Do you charge for collection services?

We do not charge monthly, annual or start-up fees of any kind.  We withhold a commission portion when payment is received by your customer.

Do you have minimum requirements for accepting accounts for collection?

We have no minimums on dollar amounts or number of accounts that you place with us.  We believe that every dollar matters.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our staff is here to answer your questions.  We also have a web portal for our clients so they may view their accounts, including the status, activity and collection notes 24/7.  Our clients can even send us messages on the web portal.

What is the benefit of bringing in a collection agency?

Bringing in Keystone Credit Services LLC ensures that you are maximizing your A/R resources. Our collection professionals understand your needs.  We have tools available to us, that you may not have, to help us recover the debt, such as skip-tracing, credit reporting and most importantly, the time it takes to consistently focus on your delinquent receivables.

When should I send a debt to collections?

The sooner the better!  The age of a delinquency is one of the biggest factors in determining whether or not a debt gets paid.  Normally, the longer you wait to take action the harder it is to collect.  Research on the collectibility of delinquent accounts clearly shows that the most advantageous time to enlist the services of a collection agency is within 60-90 days of the invoice due date. Incorporating this strategy will help ensure maximum recoveries with the least cost to your company.

What are your overall success rates?

We continuously exceed the expectations of many of our clients.  Collection rates can vary due to factors such as industry and the age of the debt.  We have many clients for whom we have collected 100% of their outstanding receivables.

How quickly will you start working on my accounts?

Claims are entered on the same day that they are placed.  Claims received after 4pm will be entered on the next business day.  We send our first collection notice and start our calls on day one.

What if my debtor disputes the debt or simply refuses to pay?

When an account is legitimately disputed , we will provide your customer with verification of the debt.  If the customer simply refuses to pay, and any dispute has been reasonably resolved, we may review the file to determine if litigation is advisable.

Does Keystone Credit Service LLC handle my claims through the entire collection process?

Yes.  Our clients appreciate the fact that we take care of everything from start to finish including legal remedy.

I am interested in placing multiple accounts. Do I have to fill out placement forms for each account, or can I submit large files?

We provide individual placement forms as well as the ability to upload files.   We can also receive your placements via fax, mail, electronic medium, E-mail or FTP. Our newly enhanced website easily accommodates those clients with large volume placements.

If I decide to use your services, how do I get started?

Give us a call!  After we make sure that your questions are answered, we will send you our collection agreement to review and let you know what we will need to begin helping you.

Can you add interest and collection fees to delinquent accounts?

We can add interest and collection fees if the agreement between you and your customer allows for it to be added.  We will review your agreements and make any recommendations for change, free of charge.

Which states do you collect in?

We collect in many states.  Please call our office or e-mail us for more information.

Can you help with bad checks?

Yes we can!  We have many clients who need help with bad checks.  We will review the account information and circumstances to determine the best course of action to get the account resolved.